Learning Journeys

Every child in unique in their abilities and talents. It follows, then that their respective learning journeys will also be unique. Learning journeys at Little Wonders Montessori age-appropriate and tailored to flexibly adapt to your child’s learning needs and interests. We engage in a strengths-based approach and customise every learning journey best cater to your child’s interests, abilities, culture and knowledge.

12 Months - 2 Years

Buzzing Bub Wonders

This period in a child’s life marks the transition from infant to toddler. During this stage, the child achieves many important milestones and develops at an incredible speed.

Daily Activity
2 Years - 4 Years

Curious Minds Pre-K Wonders

Toddlers are developing their voice and agency in their fascinating world as they begin to assert their independence. As they explore their environment with greater physical capacity,

Daily Activity
3 Years - 5 Years

Pioneering Kindy Wonders

Foundational life skills that promote independent, self-motivated ventures are central to our Kindergarten and Pre-school curriculum. Our programs encourage our children to act

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