Montessori Education For Your Child’s Future

montessori education

montessori infographic

Overview of Montessori Method

  • Developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the early 1900s.
  • Learning and movement go hand-in-hand
  • Emphasizes respect for children as different from adults

Advantages of a Montessori Education

1. Individualized Approach

  • Every child is unique and treated as such
  • All learning styles are accommodated so your child moves at their own pace
  • Fosters a sense of independence and gives your child a solid foundation

2. Self Regulation

  • Students are encouraged to think critically about what they are learning
  • Classroom materials and activities are designed to foster self-regulation

3. Community-Based

  • Multi-age classrooms mimic the family structure
  • Older students act as role models and tutors to younger students
  • Gives all students confidence and a role in a cooperative dynamic

4. Teacher Support

  • Montessori teachers create supportive environments
  • Students are encouraged to discover answers
  • Self-directed learning is actively encouraged

5. Conflict Resolution

  • It is an important skill in life to have no matter what career a student chooses.
  • Co-operation is emphasized for productive and respectful relationships
  • Teaches students to value themselves as well as others 

6. Freedom in learning

  • Students participate in deciding their areas of focus
  • Results in a lifelong love of learning

7. Skills for life

  • Students learn to work together and empowered to achieve goals
  • Students learn to objectively self-evaluate
  • Recognizing and correcting errors is part of the learning process

Proven Results

In studies comparing Montessori students and “traditional” students, Montessori students


  • Are more active, enthusiastic, relaxed, and take pride in their academic work
  • Attend to work, paying attention to detail 


  • Are motivated to learn resulting in higher education
  • Get more enjoyment out of their learning

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