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  •   Monday – Friday: 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Little Wonders Montessori – Yeronga Address: 156 School Road, Yeronga. Email director.yeronga@lwm.qld.edu.au for more information

Little Wonders Montessori

Childcare for children aged between 15 months – 5 years


More Than Just a Day-Care

Built on the Montessori method of education and philosophy – based on scientific research and life works of renowned doctor and researcher, Maria Montessori. Essentially, the philosophy empowers children to become independent thinkers, confident in their abilities and resilient in their endeavours.


Montessori philosophy focussing on the holistic development of the child. We provide the best long daycare in Darra, with tailored resources and experiences that inspire children to develop a love for learning and confidence in their abilities. The philosophy is perfect for toddler’s education.


Guided by the Montessori model, we adhere to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). This framework places a strong emphasis on play-based learning for your children. In combination with Montessori practises provides a powerful model for catalysing your child’s growth.


Our state-of-art facility is equipped with the highest quality Montessori-based learning aids and experienced educators who will engage your child in meaningful learning experiences. We also cater for all your child’s needs including quality nappies, bedding, and nutritious meals, included in fees.

Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society.

– Maria Montessori

Why Little Wonders Montessori?

We follow a Montessori model of education in adherence to The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

This means that our children are taught by certified and experienced Educators to standards set around Australia to get them school ready. Montessori daycare based activities and lessons are researched and pre-planned. They delivered
systematically and sequentially, allowing children to develop literacy, numeracy and extracurricular skills at their own pace to promote deeper insights into the world around them.

Our Early Childhood Education programme is Evidence-based.

Our teaching approach is based on researched and proven methods and practices that work. Children are engaged in age-appropriate learning journeys and receive individual attention in our Montessori daycare. Within safe learning environments that foster a growth mindset, they learn to participate productively in social learning environments. Within our lessons, we utilise cooperative learning activities to ensure diverse learners are catered for.

We are a resource-rich centre.

Both socially and materially we maintain, while continually growing our rich repertoire of resources to provide a high standard of care for our children. Our learning materials are all high-quality Montessori based aids that inspire interest and promote understanding. Additionally, we encourage respectful and open communication between children, families and all staff. We believe that this positive partnership is a vital resource to tap in order to provide the best child care and early education experience for our young children.

We Prioritize Early Childhood Wellbeing.

Early childhood wellbeing is a complex multi-faceted construct that encompasses physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual dimensions. It plays a prominent role in children’s learning and development as it determines their ability to engage confidently and positively with their environment, heavily impacting their potential to learn. As asserted by educational policy documents “wellbeing is central to learning and learning contributes to wellbeing.” At our Montessori child care centre in Darra and Yeronga, we take a keen interest in our children’s wellbeing to ensure that they are physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively ready to learn. A big part of Wellbeing is nourishing children’s bodies with a healthy and nutritious diet. We have partnered with ‘Yummies for Little Tummies,’ to provide children with premium home-style cooking with a dietitian-approved menu where nutrition takes a front seat. There is a large variety on the menu with everything being completely nut, seafood and egg-free and special dietary needs like no onion, garlic can also be catered for ensuring that no child misses out.

“The child’s conquest of independence begins with their first introduction to life. While they are developing, they perfect
themselves and overcome every obstacle that they find in their path.”

– Maria Montessori

Importance of Early Childhood Learning & Experiences

The first five years of a child’s life have been
identified as the most robust period of
development during childhood. During this stage of life children make rapid gains in linguistic and cognitive function enabling accelerated growth in their social, regulatory, emotional and moral
capabilities, critical to their subsequent
development. A strong foundational base, during the early years, has significant influence on a child’s life trajectory.

What is Montessori?

The Montessori approach combines neuroscience research and child development to present a robust teaching model where children are guided by highly trained teachers. Through the use of
carefully crafted age-appropriate learning
materials, children are encouraged to explore knowledge collaboratively or individually. When children are allowed to explore their natural
interests and engage in tailored experiences at their own pace, they naturally develop
concentration, independence, resilience and confidence. These traits provide a strong foundation for future growth.


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