Pioneering Kindy

Foundational life skills that promote independent, self-motivated ventures are central to our Kindergarten and Pre-school curriculum. Our programs encourage our children to act confidently and with resilience as they become school-ready! Our Kindergarten learning journey celebrates a child’s uniqueness and promotes confidence through self-love and attention to wellbeing. Children’s learning is supported through a mix of structured and innovative play-based activities.

Happy to see you!

Good Morning! Little wonders Montessori welcome our early risers who will be invited to enjoy in a selection of nutritious breakfast options with their peers.

Montessori kick off

Children participate in their first Montessori work cycle. During this time children freely choose from Montessori activities ranging from Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Cultural areas. Children may decide to work with materials from one activity for the whole work cycle or move freely between tasks. Children are guided through activities as required by our nurturing educators.

Progressive Morning Tea

A healthy selection of snacks for morning tea is served during the Montessori work cycle, allowing children to continue working with materials if they choose to do so. Children are also guided in serving their own food and drink to develop fine motor skills involved in practical life. If they choose to, they are also guided by educators in washing and setting their dishes on completion of their meal.

Montessori work cycle continues

Children are offered options to work on activities focusing specifically on Mathematics and STEM. They may also choose from a range of co-curricular activities from mindful-based learning to musical play. Educators will also run group sessions for yoga, relaxation and art appreciation that our toddlers can participate in should they choose to.

Outdoor Play

Our natural outdoor environment is designed to inspire interest and set up daily with rotating activities that meet our children’s developmental needs and interests. During this time, children are provided with the opportunity to collaborate with their peers from other age groups and exercise their gross motor and social skills. Learning from and teaching through peer interaction in an outdoor setting, is imperative to a child’s growth.

Group time

Group time is an essential part of our program as it promotes the development of a strong sense of belonging and community through sharing of learning and experiences. Group time activities include show and tell opportunities, inquiry-based learning activities, grace and courtesy lessons, language and writing skills, geography study and craft activities. Children are encouraged to share thoughts and ideas on what they enjoyed and what they would like to work on more promoting voice and agency of the child.


Yummy tummy refill time! The children work together to prepare the table and enjoy a nutritious and delicious meal with their educators. It’s an encouraging way for educators to role model healthy eating behaviours by sitting with children at mealtimes.

Rest Time

quite work with the Montessori materials. As the rest period draws to a close, children prepare for afternoon tea and outdood play.

Communal Outdoor Play

After a health and yummy afternoon tea, children participate in outdoor activities such as gross motor games, dramatic play, gardening and sustainability activities, and sandpit play. Imaginative play is encouraged.

Late Snack and Indoor Play

Children come are invited back inside the classroom for a late snack and to begin winding down for the day. During this time children are again provided with the opportunity to continue working with the Montessori materials. They may also choose to participate in quiet group time activities, or work on inquiry-based projects.

Home time

Good evening and Hope to see you again tomorrow! Your little Wonders are now ready to go home after a wonderful day of learning and fun. If you have any questions about how your child slept, or how much they ate, our friendly team of Educators are more than happy to recount their eventful day.

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Foundational life skills that promote independent, self-motivated ventures are central to our Kindergarten and Pre-school curriculum. Our programs encourage our children to act

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